What are the Infertility Problems and Solutions in Male and Female? Infertility is when a couple does not have a contraceptive method in the hope of having children, even after a year of normal conjugal life, when the wife does not conceive. The child is a strong bridge between husband and wife, marital life is fulfilled in it. It has been found that 50% of women get pregnant after 6 months of simultaneous intercourse.  90% of women get pregnant after one year. Today we will know the infertility problem of men and women and what they should do.

If the child is not likely to be born within one year of the normal conjugal life, the defect may be in the spouse or both. According to the World Health Organization, 8-10 percent of the world’s population suffers from some form of infertility. Although there are no accurate statistics in Bangladesh, it is expected that the number will be the same.

Analyzing the causes of infertility, it has been found that in 40% of cases, the wife, in 35-40% of cases, the husband, and in 10-20% of cases, both do not conceive due to defects. In the remaining 10 percent of cases, no exact cause of infertility can be found. Causes of infertility in men One of the causes of infertility in men is the lack of an adequate amount of sperm in the semen.



The causes of infertility in men can be divided into three main categories.

Sperm production problems, which can be qualitative or quantitative.


  • Inability to produce quality sperm.
  • Immunological problems. In some cases, birth defects, such as if the testicles are not in the testicles, can lead to infertility.

Infection is another major cause of infertility in men. Measles, influenza, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, etc. can cause male infertility. In addition, working in an extremely hot environment, bathing in hot water, or using underwear made of nylon interferes with the process of sperm production, as it does not maintain the proper temperature for sperm production.

Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs such as cocaine, and some blood pressure medications such as nifedipine impair sperm’s ability to fertilize the ovaries and cause infertility. Hormonal problems and genetic problems can also cause infertility in men.

Causes of Infertility in Women. The complication of ovulation is one of the leading causes of infertility in girls. It has been found that in 20-25 percent of the cases, this problem is responsible for infertility in girls. Also, thyroid gland disease, polycystic ovary or ovarian cyst, diabetes, etc can cause infertility? INFERTILITY PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS in Male and Female.

How to solve the Infertility problems and Solutions in Male and Female

Infertility problems in Bangladesh

Congenital and structural defects in the female reproductive system, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, excessive production of the hormone prolactin, uterine infections, uterine tumors are identified as causes of infertility.

Not only are there defects or diseases of the reproductive organs of the husband or wife, but there are also many other factors that can lead to infertility. Such as age, which applies more to girls than men. In the case of girls, 25-30 years is the best time to give birth. The problems of infertility become more complex with age. The number of eggs decreases with age.
This process of ovulation begins at the age of thirty and the process of ovulation begins rapidly at around the age of forty. With age, the quality of the ovum starts to deteriorate, along with various genetic defects. Therefore, in the case of married women, if the age is close to 35, treatment should be started immediately without delay.

In addition to age, if the body of the husband or wife is abnormally thick, shame, or fear in physical intercourse due to mental reasons can cause infertility. Pregnancy may not occur if the physical relationship is not regular or timely due to unrest or conflict in marital life.

Semen test is very important in the case of infertility tests and medical treatment. If the semen test report is normal then the husband can be said to have no significant problems. The main cause of infertility in men is the lack of an adequate amount of dynamic sperm in the semen.

Weight loss, diabetes, and hypertension are important steps for child production. Above all, a healthy lifestyle plays a helpful role in the treatment of infertility.

Oats are also a suitable method if the number of sperm in the semen is low

Oats are also a suitable method if the number of sperm in the semen is low. In this method, the husband’s semen is delivered inside the uterus through a fine catheter, especially after processing, during ovulation.

However, if the number of sperms is less than 5 million or if there is a structural defect of the sperm, or if there is less movement, ICSI is required. The ovum is fertilized by injecting a healthy sperm into an ovum in the XC method. In men who have obstruction of the seminal vesicles, …can be done by surgical procedure (via MESA, TESA, PESA). In the case of male infertility, ECI is a highly advanced type of treatment and this treatment is not available in all centers.

Just as semen tests are important for men, so are hormonal tests for girls to determine ovarian complications, such as whether or not ovaries are secreted each month. The success of infertility treatment In the case of IUI, the conception rate is 10-15 percent per month.

The success rate of IVF has gradually increased over the last ten years. In our country as well as in the developed countries of the world, this rate is around 30-40 percent, which can be up to 40-50 percent in the case of ICSI. This success rate varies from one center to another. Because it depends on the quality of the center, the skills of the doctor, and the type of patient.

Conclusion Infertility does not mean IUI, ICSI, or IVF procedures. Treatment of infertility depends on the cause of infertility. Many couples do not need any complicated medical procedures. Infertility of the ovaries can be treated with clomiphene citrate or letrozole.

There are thousands of superstitions about infertility in our country.

It is possible to transmit the fetus. There are thousands of superstitions about infertility in our country. Since age plays a huge role in the treatment of infertility, this treatment should be started as soon as possible.

It is often seen that many couples seek the help of different doctors at different times to seek treatment for infertility. Conceal the previous doctor from the new doctor and continue to take the same spermicide under different names for months.

Egg-releasing drugs for many days reduce the number of ovarian ovaries on the one hand and the risk of developing ovarian cancer later in life. Therefore, every childless couple should be aware of this when taking treatment.

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