National Hospital Chittagong Doctor List Address & Contacts

National Hospital Chittagong Doctor List Address & Contacts

National Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Chittagong. Here doctor is a medical professional who works in the best private hospital in Chittagong. It’s a 150-bed general hospital and is committed to providing high-quality medical care to its patients. The hospital has implemented a Quality Management System and strictly adheres to all relevant regulations to ensure the best possible care. As a doctor at the National Hospital, one can expect to work in a well-equipped and regulated facility, providing medical care to patients in need. Today we will provide here all the doctor lists and their contact numbers for appointments. To see the National Hospital Doctor List Chittagong  Address & Contacts below.

National Hospital Chattogram has available all types of doctors. Since it is a general hospital all departments are also available here. We published below all the doctor lists. Which doctors do you need just call the provided phone number and confirm your appointment. There is no alternative to this hospital in Chittagong to get quality and advanced treatment.

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Below See The National Hospital Chittagong Doctor List Address & Contacts

National Hospital Chattogram and Sigma Lab Ltd
Address: 14/15, Dampara Lane, Mehedibag, Chattogram, Bangladesh
Phone Number: 09648 250 250
Mobile Phone Contacts: +8801822685066, +8801827402322

Medicine & Gastroenterology

Dr. Shamim Boksha
Call For Appointment: 01826-691155
Visiting Hours: 9 am – 9.30 am

Dr Md. Jashim Uddin
Call For Appointment: 01768-219681
Visiting Hours: 8 am – 8.30 am

Gastroenterology & Liver

Dr. Mushfikul Abrar
Call for appointment: 01861-057889, 01863-265857

Kidney Specialist

Professor Dr A.M.M Ehteshamul Haque
Designation: Professor
Contacts for Appointment: 01881-928182, 01834-902335
Visiting Hours: 8 am – 2 pm

Dr Md Abdul Kader
Contacts for appointment:01836545672, 01822-685066

Medicine Specialist in Chattogram National Hospital

Dr A.S.M. Jahed
Call for Serial: 01863-984838
Visiting Hours: 8am-8.30am

Dr Md Rejaul Karim
Contacts for Serial:01822-685066, 01828-917045

Dr Md Firdous
for Serial Please Contact:01953-302255 ( 9 am )

Dr. Mosharraf Hossain
Call for Serial:01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr S.M Kamrul Haque
Contacts for Serial: 013-627913, 01863-265857

Dr. Farzin Akhter
Contacts for Serial:01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr. A.M Shahed
Contacts for Serial:01822-685066, 01827-402322

Dr Murad Muhammad Faisal Hero
Call for Serial: 01822-685066, 01827-402322

General Medicine Specialist

Professor Dr Md. Jalal Uddin
Contacts for doctor appointment:01819- 909464

Physical medicine specialist

Dr. M.A Majed
Contacts for Serial: 01831-867841
Consulting Hours: 8 am – 10 am

Dr Jahangir Alam Chowdhury
Contacts for Appointment: 01916-852155, 01827-402322

Dr Shafiul Karim Md Illius
Contacts for Serial: 01930-715166, 01827-402322

Psychiatrist Specialist

Professor Dr Md. Gias Uddin Sagor
Designation: Professor
Contacts For Serial: 01856-501328, 01815-521152

Brain and Spine Specialists

Dr Md Manjurull Islam
Contacts For Serial: 031-627913, 01830-067771

Dr. Md Abdul Awal
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01844-673232

Dr Omar Faruk
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Neuro Medicine Specialist

Dr Md. Mohitul Islam
Contacts For Serial: 01871-468304, 01813-501952

Dr. Md Toyyob
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr. Touhidur Rahman
Contacts For Serial: 01859-262004, 01833-290705

National Hospital Chattogram and Sigma Lab Ltd. Pediatric Specialist

Professor Dr A J M Sadek
Contacts For Serial: 01812-960960, 01813-187127

Dr Najrul Kader Shikdar
Call For Serial Please Contact: 01926-825372, 01674811363

Dr Md Abdullah Al mamu
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr. Najmul Huda Ripon
Call For Serial: 01822-685066, 01863-265857

Dr. Roksana Afroz
Contacts For Serial:01822-685056, 01863-265857

Dr Mumtahina Mahmud
Contacts For Appointment: 01822-685056, 01863-265857

Cardiology Doctor

Dr Md Abdur Razza
Contacts For Serial: 01826-587767, 01863-265857

Dr Md. Abdul Jalil
Contacts For Serial: 01811187108

Dr Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Contacts For Serial: 031-627913, 01822-685066

Dr Habibul Islam Chowdhury
Call For Serial: 01824-429202, 01822-685066

Dr. Slama Nahid
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Cardiovascular specialist

Dr Ahsan Uddin Mahmud (Munna)
Call For Serial: 01822-685066, 01827-402322

Surgery and Urology Specialist

Professor Dr Md. Majharul Haque Nasim
Contacts For Appointment: 01827-402322, 01822-685066, 031-627913

Dr Abdus Salam
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066, 031-627913

Dr I.S. Abdul Ahad
Contacts For Serial: 01823-515864, 01827-402322

General Surgery Specialist

Dr Md Abu Naser
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01811-597776, 01971-574679

Dr Sayera Banu Sheuly
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr A.Z.M Forman Ullah (Sohel)
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322

Dr Shahed Md Anwar
Please Contact: 01822-685066, 01827-402322

Orthopaedic specialist

Dr Md Selim
Contacts For Serial Number: 01859-611876, 01827-402322

Dr Md. Jamal Uddin
Contacts For Serial Number: 01854847869, 01822-685066, 01863-265857

Dr Md. Fahad Goni
For Serial Number:01858-470904, 01716-725274, 01822-685066

Dr Md Abdur Rab Faisal
For Serial: 01909-530376, 031-627913, 01863-265857

Dr. Md Mamun
For Serial Number: 01822685066, 01857-468454

Gynecologist & Obstetrician Specialist in Chattogram National Hospital

Professor Dr Kamrun Nesa Runa
For doctor appointments: 01822-685066, 031-627913, 01827402322

Dr. Tazin Sultana
Call For Appointments: 031-627913, 01822-685066

Dr Sarwat Ara (Riku)
For doctor appointments: 01827-402322, 01703-551656

Dr Naznin Sultana (lulu)
Contacts For doctor appointments: 01818-360789, 01822-685066

Dr. Musarat Naz
Contacts For doctor appointments: 01875-400114, 01827-402322

Cancer Specialist
Dr Md. Nasir Uddin
For Serial: 01822-864907, 01830-067771, 01817-402322

Diabetes & Hormone Specialist

Dr Md Rafique Uddin
Call For Serial:01816-306886, 02333356012-3

Dr Md Abu Bakar
Call For Serial: 01843-169900, 01835-893573

Doctor List of Hematology Specialists

Dr Md Jamal Uddin Tanin
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 031-627913, 01863265857

Eye Specialist and Surgeon

Dr Md. Gias Uddin
Contacts For Serial: 01822685066, 01819326090

Dr Muhammadul Haque Mezbah
Contacts For Serial: 031-627913, 01841-700432, 01827-402322

Skin and Sex Diseases Specialist

Dr Md. Amir khosru
Contacts For Serial: 01819-998720, 01819-314562

Dr. Didaruzzaman
Contacts For Serial: 01858-721421, 01822-685066

Dr. Shamsun Nahar
Call For Serial: 01796-173084, 01835-893573

Dr. Nasrin Sultana
Contacts For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822685066

Chest and Esophageal Specialist
Dr Md Zakir Hossain Bhuiya
Call For Serial: 02333356012-3, 01822-685066

Specialist in Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Mahfuzul Kabir
Contact Number: 01878-363559

Dr M A Mushfikur Rahman (Piku)
Call For Serial: 2856012-13, 01715-050512

Specialist in Chest pain and Diseases

Dr Fazle Kibriya Chowdhury
Contacts For Serial: 01686-828629, 01863-265857

Nose, Ear, and Throat Specialist

Professor Dr Abdus Sattar
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr Md. Mahbub Alam Chowdhury
Contacts For Serial Number: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr Md. Jamal Hossain
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066, 01711-581607

Dr H.S. Mobarak Hossain
Contacts Number:01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr Nurul Karim Chowdhury
Call For Serial: 01827-402322, 01822-685066

Dr Md. Abul Boshor
Call For Appointment: 01822-685066, 01875-400114, 01827-400114

We will add information about all hospitals in Chittagong to our website. You visit our site and get the right service. Thanks for visiting our website. Many hospitals are available in Chittagong. Chevron Hospital and  Treatment Hospital are also available there.

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