HITECH MultiCare Hospital LTD Address CONtacts Appointments

HITECH MultiCare Hospital LTD Address CONtacts Appointments

Hitech MultiCare Hospital Ltd Address Contacts Appointments and Doctors Information. Hitech Multicare Hospital Limited is one of the Best privet hospitals in Kafrul Dhaka. In this hospital, most of the doctors have come from the army. Its management also is from the army. That’s why always get discipline here which is very good for all. Although it’s a mid-level hospital doing the right thing. However, we get good service from there. Hitech Multicare Hospital is one of the best clean hospitals in Dhaka. People get good service from there. This hospital gives importance to every patient. In this hospital Nurses and staff are well behaved with patients and attendants. If you want to make an appointment before you visit any doctor via phone number.

Maximum Doctors are from CMH Hospital so they are very helpful. All doctors are very caring. In particular, infertility doctor Liza Chowdhury has a reputation for infertility treatment. Also, doctors from all other departments are coming up with good treatment in their respective departments. Due to its location in the middle of Mirpur, Kafrul, and Cantonment areas, most of the people in these areas seek treatment here. High-tech MultiCare hospitals provide treatment in almost all departments. Not to mention infertility in particular.

We will take a look at the details of infertility doctor Brig. Gen. Dr. Liza Chowdhury.

Brig. Gen. Dr. Liza Chowdhury
Expertise: Obs & Gynae Specialist & Surgeon(Trained in Laparoscopic Surgery & Infertility)
Qualification: MBBS, MCPS, DGO, FCPS(Gynae)
Designation: Professor & Head
Department: Gynecologist
Armed Forces Medical College CMH, Dhaka

For Appointment: 0961167728, 01678129126, 01672241413
She is available at Hitech Multicare Hospital,  CMH, and also Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center.

HITECH MultiCare Hospital LTD Address CONtacts Appointments

HITECH MultiCare Hospital LTD Address CONtacts Appointments

Hitech Multicare Hospital Address, Appointment, and Reception number

The specialty of Hitech Multicare Hospital Limited

  1. General Surgery
  2. Urology
  3. Orthopedic, Trauma & Spine
  4. Gynecology & Obstetrics
  5. Neurology
  6. Thoracic surgery
  7. Burn, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  8. Laparoscopic General, Urological & Gynecological Surgery
  9. Colorectal Surgery
  10. ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
  11. Eye Consultation & Surgery
  12. Internal Medicine
  13. Cardiology
  14. Gastroenterology
  15. Neurology
  16. Oncology
  17. Dermatology
  18. Pediatrics & Paleontology
  19. Psychiatry

The facility of Hichtech Multicare Hospital Limited

  • 24 Hours Diagnostic Services
  • Digital X-Ray Facility
  • Echo Cardiography facility
  • 4D Ultrasonography services
  • ICU, HUD, CCU, and NICU service is available here
  • Advantages of Outdoor Consultation
  • 24 Hours Ambulance service is available in Hitech Multicare Hospital Ltd.
  • Advantages of 24 hours of Pharmacy Service

Also, the facilities that this hospital has

  1. Central Medical Gas Service facility
  2. Patient Lift Service Facility
  3. A Central A/C system is also available
  4. CC TV Security system facility
  5. Standby Generator and Physio Therapy

Hitech Multicare Hospital is a good quality private hospital for Mirpur Kafrul Cantonment are. You can also come from anywhere in the country and get good treatment here. If you have any opinion about the hospital, you can let us know in the comments box. We will take appropriate action.

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See The Hitech Multicare Hospital Limited Location

Hitech Multicare Hospital Limited Location

Hitech Multicare Hospital Location

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