What To Do If Your Unborn Baby Is Not Move AS Much As Usual?

BABY MOVEMENTS DURING PREGNANCY | What You Will Do? Most pregnant mothers can understand the movement of the baby’s abdomen after two weeks of pregnancy. However, for those who are first-time mothers, it may take a little longer. If you are pregnant for the second or third time, mothers can understand the movement of the baby before this time. Usually, at this time pregnant mothers observe the movement of the baby. At this time mothers can get a lot of ideas about the baby by observing the baby’s movement. In this case, if the mother thinks that the movement of the unborn child has decreased, then she must seek the help of a doctor.

The dream of every married couple to be the father and mother of the child. Every mother conceives with that dream in her heart. So a mother has to be very careful when she is pregnant. Every moment she has to take care of her baby’s condition now. It is the sole responsibility of every pregnant mother to ensure that her unborn baby is healthy. It is important to note that the baby is moving in the abdomen. If the baby is normal then it must move. And if for some reason it does not do so, then the doctor’s advice should be taken quickly. At the right time, both the baby and the mother can stay well.




How do pregnant mothers monitor their baby’s movements?

There are two ways to do this, one is if the child moves 10-12 times in 12 hours, then the child should be assumed to be in a normal state. In this case, it is assumed that the child has no problem at all. Or, doctors say, the baby’s movement can be monitored in 2 hours by lying on the right side after eating. At this time, if the child moves 10-12 times, then the result can be considered normal. If the baby’s movement is less than this, then a pregnant mother should definitely consult a gynecologist.

What are the reasons for the child’s movement may be reduced?

There are two reasons for this
1. Physiological
2. Sleeping Stage

What could be the physiological cause?

In this case, it is seen that the fetus is well but the mother does not understand it for a long time. This can be due to various reasons, such as mothers being overweight many times so that they do not understand the movement of the baby.

Sleeping Stage for the unborn baby

The baby’s sleeping stage will always be the same but not. That means the baby will sleep all the time but not. Many times the baby sleeps in the middle of the stomach. This sleep time can be up to 90 minutes. Mothers do not feel movement at this time. Another reason is the baby polyhydramnios. If there is less water inside the flower, the movement of the baby may be less.

Also the pathological reasons for the decrease in the movement of the child


Baby Movements during Pregnancy

Hypoxemia If the baby lacks oxygen, the baby’s movement may be reduced. This can be due to various reasons. Such may be for the pathological layer. Hypoxemia is due to these but the movement of the baby may be reduced. Many times there may be congenital abnormalities. Neuromuscular abnormalities can be one of the reasons why the baby’s movement is not available.

What is the doctor’s advice in this case?

Doctors first take History. Is there any risk factor for pregnant mothers? For example, if a mother has diabetes or high blood pressure or any other medical disorder, or has a history of having an abnormality in a previous child, those mothers are considered to have a risk factor. In this case, the doctors of such mothers say third the reconditioner. It is often seen that if the child’s movement is not within 24 hours, the child’s condition may get worse. Therefore, it should not be neglected in any way.

Some tips to stay healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important time in a woman’s life. And it is very important to stay healthy at this time.
So at this time, some important precautions should be taken so that your unborn child is healthy.

  • You have to eat food from time to time

Never go on an empty stomach during pregnancy. You have to take care of the fact that the stomach is full all the time. So eat enough. Eat something every two hours. It is important to drink plenty of water and fruit juices during pregnancy. The food eaten at this time is the physical structure of the fetus.

  • Walk regularly during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman should walk every day according to the rules. In addition to keeping the body healthy, the mind is cheerful.

Getting enough sleep can help you stay healthy

Under normal circumstances, 7-8 hours of sleep is enough. However, this sleep needs to be regular 8-9 hours during pregnancy. Even if you can’t sleep at night for any reason, you have to sleep during the day. And if it is not, then you must consult a doctor.

  • Comfortable shoes play an important role

Comfortable shoes play an important role in pregnancy. So it is very important to wear comfortable shoes at this time. It is very important to take care of your feet during pregnancy because at this time your feet carry all the extra weight. Keep reading high and pencil heels during pregnancy. Read cloth and rubber soft shoes at this time. It will keep your feet well and you will be healthy.

  • Take care of the skin

Take care of the skin to remove stretch marks from pregnancy. Because after childbirth, these spots cannot be relieved. Therefore, if you have any objection to the stretch marks during pregnancy, take care of your skin. Practice taking care of your skin while you have a baby in your womb.

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