We all look for good doctors in hospitals in our area. Especially gynecology or infertility specialist Because when a mother is in a state of pregnancy, there are various problems in her movement. In this case, if she is under the care of a gynecologist or infertility doctor, it is very convenient for her to be close to home. So we are giving here information about good doctors and hospitals in different parts of the city. Today we will know about an expert infertility doctor in the Demra area. She treats her patient at Saleha Diagnostic Center in the Demra area of the capital. She is Dr. Sarmin Akhter Liza, a gynecologist and infertility specialist. Below See the Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza Infertility & Gynae Specialist Detailed.

Here we will know how to take her serial and details about her. She has also worked at the Institute of Child and Mother Health. She is an experienced infertility specialist. Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza holds an MBBS and FCPS degree. Sharmin Akhter obtains her MBBS from Chattagram Medical College. Then she earned her FCPS Degree. She has special skills in treating infertility. Because he is a specialist gynecologist and infertility physician. She is the consultant of the Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH). Here we will know when and where Dr. Sharmin Akhtar Liza provides services to her patient.

Here about Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza Infertility & Gynae Specialist


Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza

Doctor Types: Consultant
Institution: Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH)
Specialties: Infertility and Gynae Specialist

Consultancy Address of Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza

Hospital Name: Shaleha Diagnostic Center
Location: London Market, Demra, Dhaka
Consultancy Days: Saturday, Monday & Wednesday
Call For Serial: 01715 295950 & 01913 774554

Dr. Sharmin Akter Liza treats infertility or childless couple at Saleha Diagnostic Center. Due to the modernization of the medical system, he is successful in about 98% of the patients. In many cases it is seen that for some very simple reason a couple has not seen the face of a child year after year. We have received good news from many patients who have become pregnant within one to two months of receiving treatment.

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