Dr. Imnul Islam Imon child specialist BSMMU Dhaka

Dr. Imnul Islam Imon child specialist BSMMU Dhaka

Dr. Imnul Islam Imon is one of the best child specialsit in Dhaka. A Qualified Dr. Imnul Islam Imon obtained his MBBS, FCPS, MD (Child) Degree in his education life. He is a Paediatrician at BSMMU in the Department of Paediatrics. Dr. Imnul Islam Imon also working at Alok Healthcare Mirpur – 10, Dhaka. He is the best child specialist in Alok Healthcare & Hospital. Here he is available Saturday to Thursday from 05.00 PM – 08.30 PM. If you want to get his appointment then call the below contact number. You can ensure your appointment by calling the phone number. Below see the profiles and chamber location of Dr. Imnul Islam Imon child specialist at BSMMU Dhaka.

Many diseases appear in the body of children due to heat or cold. In this case, consult an expert doctor without delay. So that your child is well. Colds are more common in children. In addition, the child’s body sweats and feels cold in excessive heat. In this case, treatment is essential.

Professor Dr. Md. Imnul Islam Imon
Qualification: MBBS, FCPS, MD.
Designation: Professor
Department: Department of Paediatric
Specialities: Child Specialist
Subspecialties: Paediatrician.
Experiences: Experienced in paediatric rheumatology.
Institution: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University.

Chamber Location & Appointment
Institution: Aalok Healthcare & Hospital, Mirpur 10, Dhaka.
Location: House No – 1 & 3, Road No – 2, Block – B, Mirpur 10, Dhaka-1216
Visiting Hours: 05.00 PM – 08.00 PM
Availability: Saturday – Thursday
Appointment: 01915448491
Hotline: 10672

 Dr. Imnul Islam Imon child specialist ( Paediatrician) BSMMU Dhaka

Dr. Emanul Islam Iman treats all diseases of children. Some of the notable diseases are listed below. But he provides advanced treatment for any problem of all children.

  • Dr. Imnul Islam Imon provides treatment for any type of health problem in children.
  • Notable diseases include fever, whooping cough, pneumonia and respiratory distress.
  • Hormonal problems occur in some children. He treats these diseases.
  • Dr. Eamon also treats disabled children.
  • Many children are overweight. These cases can be resolved with proper treatment.
  • Children’s behaviour problems are seen for various reasons. However, with proper treatment, a solution is available.
  • Abdominal pain is a common problem in children. Which also has treatment. The exact cause of the pain is identified and treated.

In addition to the diseases mentioned here, various diseases are seen in children. Children need an experienced doctor to treat any disease. In this case, Dr. Imnul Islam Imon is definitely an experienced paediatrician who can treat all types of child diseases.

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