Advantage Of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh FOr Indian Students

Advantage Of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh FOr Indian Students

There are 25 public and 50 private universities for medical education in Bangladesh, for which MBBS in Bangladesh is on the preferred list of Indian students. There is an opportunity for Indians to do MBBS at the lowest price among foreign students. That’s why we giving here all information on the Advantage of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students. India is a neighboring country to Bangladesh so they have a lot of interest in studying here. Moreover, the two countries have similar languages and the same syllabus. Also, the MBBS program costs less in Bangladesh than in other countries. Students need to prove their eligibility criteria to the Government of Bangladesh for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The quality of education in Bangladeshi medical universities is reflected in the percentage of NMC pass in MBBS. Which is much higher than any other country, i.e. 27-30%.

Here is the Advantage of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students

  • MBBS degree of Bangladesh is approved by MCI.
  • It’s a degree awarded by a government university
  • In Bangladesh too, lessons are taught according to the Indian Medical Council (MCI) syllabus.
  • Books and journals by Indian authors are followed in the 5-year MBBS course.
  • MCI Screening Test And FMGE pass-out rate very high
  • The climate of India and Bangladesh is almost the same, which is why Indian students do not have to wear anything here.
  • Moreover, having a similar diet in India-Bangladesh is a big advantage.
  • The medium of instruction, class lectures is all in English. For that reason, there is no linguistic problem.
  • In the field of treatment, India and Bangladesh follow the same line.
  • All medical colleges in Bangladesh have their own hospitals.
  • Hospitals with a minimum of 500+ or more beds are hospitals with very high occupancy rates.
  • Due to a large number of patients in the hospitals of Bangladesh, medical students get the opportunity to treat real patients through exposure to clinical knowledge.
  • Alcohol or drugs are not easily available in Bangladesh. As a result, the fear of students getting involved in drug use is very low.

There are advantages to studying in Bangladesh as well as some disadvantages. Here you need to know the advantages of studying MBBS as well as the disadvantages. So we are telling you the advantages as well as the disadvantages. So that it is convenient to make a decision. Moreover, there are good and bad aspects of everything, and this is no exception. So take a look at the difficulties you can face in studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Here is the Disadvantage of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students

Here is the disadvantage of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students

  • The initial payment for the first year of study in Bangladesh is higher than in other countries. For example, if the total fees are US$ 45000 for 5 years MBBS course, then you may ask to pay 30%–40% of the total package of US$ 15000 in the First year
  • All Medical colleges in Bangladesh are not good.
  • Not all medical colleges in Bangladesh are good. Some medical colleges are of good quality and some are fair. So you should do good research before admission.
  • The opportunity to study MBBS will be found through a strict admission process. The candidate must meet all the eligibility criteria.
  • There is no seat relaxation on the basis of sections

The cost of studying MBBS in private medical college in Bangladesh For Indian students

To study in a private medical college in Bangladesh, Indian students have to spend 35 to 50 thousand US dollars for a five-year course. After the five-year MBBS course, there will be an opportunity to do one year free of cost internship.

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee Structure 2021 For Indian Students

All the NMC approved Bangladeshi Medical Universities and their fee structure

UniversityTuition FeesHostel Fees
University of DhakaRs. 31,50,000Rs. 6,04,800
Rajshahi UniversityRs. 30,17,000Rs. 5,04,000
University of ChittagongRs. 25,20,000Rs. 6,04,800
Shahjalal University of Science & TechnologyRs. 26,60,000 Rs. 6,55,200
Bangladesh University of ProfessionalsRs. 30,17,000Rs. 5,04,000
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical CollegeRs. 28,00,000Rs. 5,50,000
Mainamoti Medical CollegeRs. 45,50,000Rs. 5,50,000
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical CollegeRs. 70,00,000Rs. 40,00,000
Kumudini Women’s Medical CollegeRs. 30,10,000Rs. 4,50,000
Dhaka Central International Medical CollegeRs. 26,25,000Rs. 4,00,000
Anwer Khan Modern Medical CollegeRs. 30,80,000Rs. 4,00,000
President Abdul Hamid Medical CollegeRs. 17,50,000Rs. 3,00,000
Dhaka Community Medical CollegeRs. 17,50,000Rs. 3,00,000
Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical CollegeRs. 30,00,000Rs. 2,10,000
Rangpur Community Medical CollegeRs. 27,65,000Rs. 5,00,000
Dhaka National Medical CollegeRs. 39,62,000Rs. 3,50,000

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